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Marriage agency scams

Hi there! I’m Jim.

I’m not the American (not the Canadian, not the Russian, etc. as often some doubtful sources tell about me ). Now I live happily in a marriage with the Russian woman with whom i got acquainted some years ago on a popular Russian dating site.

And… I had TROUBLES using many dating sites. By my experience of using those websites, I ascertained the fact, that the most of these dating agencies are SCAMMERS. Unfortunately, it is the fact, I have been deceived by some agencies, and by RUSSIAN WOMEN also. As a result I have lost much money, I have been very upset. So, I have started to study this unpleasant side of the dating industry. Who, how, and all the ways of a scam?

I have opened an own website, and have started to place all the scam facts of different women, agencies and others. I shall tell the truth, I have faced with huge resistance from these scam agencies. It is interesting..I had cases, when my site was cracked and publication of the inveracious information on me in the web.. After that, I had to register a new name of the site, its not a problem, I always keep my database so that people knew the truth.

Guys use also copying the contents of my site, and the subsequent confusing my information on the scam facts in favour of scammers. Now, you can find many sites-clones of my website where the inveracious information on scammers is placed in their favour.

Be worried, it is very DANGEROUS! Do not visit these FAKE «jim’s lists». Scammers will try to take down the IP address of your computer and any your personal information
, in order to use them further in many swindles. Be vigilant and cautious! DO NOT TRUST anybody. I have a trustworthy information only. So please, look at my BLACK and GOLD LISTS. So you will know, whether to trust this marriage agency or not. All my data are checked personally up and confirmed by long-term hard work, certainly not without the help of other guys and my assistants in this work. You can always contact me, only together we can support the list of GOOD agencies.

Why do I do it?
I will tell honestly. There is no self-interest, I earn enough, I don’t need anything. Maybe this is my professional hobby. Ones up on a time I was hardly offended by a deceit, so I take personal responsibility to open the truth for all.

Marriage agency scams